Popandopalaz | PPZ
Popandopalaz | PPZ
Popandopalaz, or simply PPZ, is a streetwear brand and creative squad
inspired by hip-hop and comics.

Our project is about positive thinking, active lifestyle, objectivism and progress.
The main characters of the brand are Flower and Skull — dudes who spread our lifestyle through prints, arts and streetwear.
The main characters of
  • Flower
    - Geek, pop-culture fan
    - Leader
    - Hates when somebody doesn't eat pizza crust
    - Self-improver
    - Calm, peaceful, sensible
    - Prefers still water
    - Rational egoist
    - Keep his stem clean (whatever it means)
    Flower — the brand logo, which turned into the character. This is a collective image of flowers, but based on the Sunflower, because sunflower is growing towards the sun, literally "rich for the light". It perfectly conveys the positive vibe of the PPZ universe.
  • Skull
    - Geek, pop-culture fan
    - Professional chiller
    - Wears hoodie every day
    - Easy-going
    - Wears only high socks
    - The main dilemma of his life is "Coke or Pepsi choice"
    Spontaneously created by our art-director Oleg Guta when he was trying to integrate drawings into photographs during the "Skully July" illustration marathon.

    Due to positive feedback and love for mascots, Oleg decided to develope story of the character, and later he began to draw Skull in different universes of cartoons, films, TV series, games, etc., drawing the character in the style of selected universe.
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